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Handled Frustrated Imports

We have experience to handle Frustrated Cargo over 20 years Imports and Exports.

We arrange for all relevant paperwork and customs procedures and can offer to send the container back to the supplier, minus appropriate shipping costs and admin charges, alternatively, if this is not practical with a commodity such as with foodstuffs, or if the sender doesn’t want it back for whatever reason, we can collect the container, arrange for a Devan, store the goods in our warehouse or bonded warehouse at port, and either make an offer for the goods ourselves or arrange for a buyer to be found whilst supplying a full logistics service every step of the way.

Whatever the reason for the cargo becoming available we have the infrastructure to act.

What is a Frustrated Import ?

As an example, say an importer orders X amount of containers from say China or America. The Sea Freight for this consignment can take up to six weeks to arrive in the Pakistan, in between time that company goes out of business or not interested to take delivery by any reason... The Port Authority won’t release the cargo until the handling fees and customs clearance has been completed. The cargo has then become a frustrated import.

It is at this point that our specialists in both customs clearance and freight forwarding are able to help

Supply Chain

Providing and designing scientific logistics solution. We are offering the supply-chain solution to many of our big customers to minimize our customers logistics cost and let them have the goods at the cheapest cost and in the most prompt and efficient way. We will do our best to expert our capability to offer our customer efficient, cost saving service so that the product will be more competitive in the customer’s market. Customer’s satisfaction is our victory

NVOCC Consolidator

We have evolved over the years to become a Non -Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) operator in Pakistan. Our NVOCC business encompasses cargo consolidation and door to door / port to port sea freight & air freight forwarding services.

Panther world Transport ships customers cargo to ports destinations worldwide.

Panther world Transport is committed to link our customer’s cargo to anywhere in the world. With our network of offices, efficient transshipment hubs, well connected inland distribution points quality agents as well as integrated freight management systems, Globelink Pakistan delivers to our customers’ reliability, efficiency, flexibility and best value added services, achieving our motto.

Project Cargo Handling

We ship cargo from factories Worldwide and deliver cargo to jobsites. We handle all types of cargo which can be part of a project, from small Loss shipments and containers, to very Large and very Heavy units. To get the cargo to its destination we can apply all modes of transportation:

By Ship
By Truck
By Rail
By Air

We select carriers with care and use only companies with proven records. To ensure successful handling of a project, there must be adequate KNOWLEDGE, CAPACITY and FLEXIBILITY. This we understand at organization is built to meet exactly these requirements.


Cargo Insurance

In order to secure your goods safely, we also can apply the insurance for your goods as per your requirement since we have contract with different cargo insurance company.

The service that we provide :

1) accurate, complete documentation
2) apply the insurance as per the customer’s requirement
3) dispatch the insurance policy
4) survey the goods and solicit for the compensation in case of any loss
5) If you want to let us inspect the cargo, please fill in to the following Inspection Application.

Custom Brokerage

We have our own custom broker license in Pakistan which can guarantee our customer’s good been released on time.

Our worldwide network brokerage can provide the timely cargo release on a global scale and support your import & export globalization.

Our custom clearance & declaration service include:

1) accurate and complete documentation to the custom
2) import & export as an agent
3) quarantine & fumigant, plant & commodity inspection
4) product H.S.CODE verification
5) duty verification and duty & tax drawback
6) on-time release.

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